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  2012.05.08  03.05
Is this community still active???

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lexi and I am writer and an actress and hopefully a film student in the near future. Kurosawa's films for me have been the introduction to the art of cinema and Japanese culture in general and I am very much indebted to his work.

I am posting here because I just joined this comm not too long ago and I just realized that it hasn't been updated in several years and I was wondering if there was still any lovers of Kurosawa's films out there that are still interested in this place. 


  2008.09.06  13.49

Akira Kurosawa died ten years ago today. Rest in peace, sensei.


  2007.08.08  21.59

thoughts on Criterion's Roshomon...
the Kazuo Miyagawa extra was interesting yet it was the only bonus feature (+ a Robert Altman introduction...)


  2007.01.11  09.36
Howdy all

I've been lurking about in this community for a while now and have been meaning to post. A few items in my Christmas haul prompted me to do so, because now I'm excited. Apparently, my family really does pick up on things in which I'm interested.

Without me specifically asking for them, there were presents under the tree for me in the form of the Criterion Collection DVDs of Rashomon, Ikiru, and Kagemusha. Of those three, I've only seen Rashomon, so it's a double bonus for me because I liked it so much that I was going to buy it for myself anyway.

I haven't gotten a chance to watch any of them yet, but I will this weekend. Very excited!

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  2006.11.12  14.16

via russian_art



  2006.09.08  17.57
Anyone seen the new Criterion "Seven Samurai" yet?

I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm DROOLING over the images posted in this review

A couple samples:

Here's a shot from the old Criterion release:

I remember seeing this and thinking: 1) What visual poetry - that mythical village nestled in the valley, and 2) It's hard to get over those scratches, blemishes and overall icy coldness of digital restoration. Ah well - it's the best they can do, I suppose.

Now look at the image from the new release:

Tears of joy. It's pristine again! There's the expressive black-and-white warmth that was compromised so much in other releases.

This great masterpiece has finally been given the treatment it deserves.
It's like Christmas has come three months early for me!

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  2006.09.07  14.10

good morning to all the communitees =)
not solong ago i've watched Ran.. and admired Tsurumaru. Takeshi Mansai was only 18 playing this... can you beleive?
i've searched for screenshots with him,but i couldn't find...
maybe you know some galleries with at least screenshots from Ran? my dream is to find photos from shooting area...



  2006.07.13  03.53
"Sanjuro" remake announced



  2006.07.01  18.00

Rashomon just started on the IFC.



  2006.06.15  11.37
Criterion announces 3-DISC Seven Samurai DVD!


  • New cover artwork
  • All-new restored, high-definition digital transfer
  • Commentary by film scholars David Desser, Joan Mellen, Donald Richie and more
  • Commentary by Japanese film expert Michael Jeck
  • 50-minute making-of documentary, "Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful To Create"
  • Two-hour conversation between Kurosawa and Nagisa Oshima
  • New documentary, "Seven Samurai: Origins and Influences"
  • Theatrical trailers and teaser
  • New and improved English subtitle translation
  • Essays by Peter Cowie, Philip Kemp, Kenneth Turan, Sidney Lumet and more

September 5, 2006

Hot damn! drooling dancing


  2006.05.04  11.10
Throne of Blood

Hi there. I´have been a fan of Kurosawa*s since college and one of my favorite things about him is his interest in Shakespeare. I am really interested to see how Kurosawa, Shakespeares plays and Japanese culture intersect.

I am writing a paper on actions and performance and how it is culturally respective. Are there any students of Japanese culture or Japanese people who could shed some light on Lady Macbeth in Throne of Blood? Specifically, how is she and her performance seen in Japan? Is she considered unnatural? Ghostly? Voracious? How can her actions be interpreted?



  2006.05.01  12.26

i absolutely adore ikiru!!!!! it made me cry even through the commentary by stephen prince (which i found rather annoying at points; some information was really supurfluous, and didn't pertain to the film at all)! ...while i'm on that; for those that have read "the warrior's camera," "kurosawa" by mitsuhiro yoshimoto is an interesting read, if you haven't already run across it (i'm sure many of you have; considering how new i still am to kurosawa).
anway---ikiru is wonderful! yay for bold narrative structure! yay for composition! yay for the wipe that prince thought was bad, but tried to say he didn't say is bad! lol ;)

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  2006.04.30  20.11

i got yojimbo and sanjuro today! wooohhooooo!!!
btw---i'm doing the paper on the lighting of rashomon and dreams; some interesting things are coming out. maybe i'll talk about it later....

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  2006.04.20  19.18
wow lots of comments last time--cool!! :D

i'm supposed to be doing a paper on kurosawa, but i hate papers--it'll prolly be crap doo....
anyways---i got the translation of his "something like an autobiography." he doesn't seem to talk about films much, but it's a fun read. he seems to be (have been; may he rest in peace) a quirky guy la. w00t!!

i read something claiming to point out symbolism in the use of lighting in rashomon (like good and evil, etc.), and in the colors of ran (the different sons). i wonder how much of this is really just artistic expression; what good is symbolism when the creator is the only one that gets it? so the sons wear different colors; that's great, but is there some cultural or other significance to this?

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  2006.04.19  22.45

not a lot of posts here recently...oh well!!
i just discovered kurosawa this past semester in my history of int. film class. his films are so wonderful! i love ikiru and yume. i didn't want to watch ran, b/c i can't stand the thought of anything for theatre being adapted for film--but i did give it a view, and i loved it. i'll watch throne of blood sooner or later; it's sitting on the shelf at school...waiting for me--calling....

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  2005.11.30  12.17
thoughts on Criterion's Ran?

I have the release; have been watching it and it's glorious. I don't have time to post a review now, maybe later when I'm not so busy.

If anyone else has it, any thoughts?

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  2005.11.11  06.25
Happy (non) Ran release day!

Well, IIRC, today was to have been the date that Criterion released the DVD for Ran, so we could all finally see a DVD release that does the film justice. But the website now simply displays the nebulous "Coming Soon" message. Now I don't begrudge Criterion spending the extra time and effort to put out a quality release; that's what that company has always been about. But I'm getting antsy.

Anyone have a scoop on when this will be available?


  2005.10.04  10.36
The Bad Sleep Well - coming from Criterion in January

The Bad Sleep Well - coming from Criterion in January

A young executive hunts down his father’s killer in director Akira Kurosawa’s scathing The Bad Sleep Well. Continuing his legendary collaboration with actor Toshiro Mifune, Kurosawa combines elements of Hamlet and American film noir to chilling effect in exposing the corrupt boardrooms of postwar corporate Japan.

Special features include:
  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer
  • A 36-minute documentary on the making of The Bad Sleep Well, created as part of the Toho Masterworks series
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • New and improved subtitle translation
  • New essays by film scholar Richard Combs and screenwriter-director Michael Almereyda (Deadwood, Hamlet)

Cover artCollapse )


  2005.09.25  16.38
Intro post

Hi! I just joined this community and thought I could write a line to greet other members and share my appreciation for Akira Kurosawa. I only watched three of his movies so far, Akahige (Redbeard), Ran and Shichinin no Samurai (The Seven Samurai) but I hope to have a chance to see more. In particular I would like some help in choosing my fourth.

I couldn't pick a favourite if asked to, as I regard all of them as masterpieces. However I'm particularly fond of Ran as it was the very first movie on Medieval Japan I ever watched. I was also somehow fascinated by how it would made me recall classical tragedies and King Lear. Someway these analogies helped me to be introduced to a different cultural reality such as the Japanese.
I'm also very fond of The Seven Samurai - the genuine humor of the characters that made me love them and the realism of the movie that helped me understand a world so culturally different. We recently got it in DVD too.

Is there a movie of his you would expecially recommend? Do you have any favourites?

Thanks for creating this community!

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  2005.07.09  19.46

Has anyone heard about a Kurosawa film that's being done by his son called "Oni"?

I understand its about a blonde samurai, but what else is to it?

Any information?


  2005.07.08  07.23
Criterion to reisssue "Seven Samurai"?

Does anyone else know about this? It's a rumor I've heard, but I can't find details. This would be fantastic news; even though the original Spine #2 (R.1) is one of my cherished possessions - having introduced me to the genius of Kurosawa - I'd sure love to see a version with better picture quality. The scratches and blemishes throughout the film can be distracting, particularly in a scene like the "foggy morning," where they seem really prominent.

Certainly this would not be an example of a video distibutor crassly rerelasing a movie to force consumers to "double-dip." Criterion has demonstrated that they genuinely want to put out the best product possible.


  2005.06.10  23.49

Ok,I barely joined the community.I'm Flower by the way.I'm browsing the net,and it seems to be that Seven Samurai will be on in a few hours.It will be on TCM.I'm not sure what time it will begin,seeing as how some people live in different time zones.But central time,it will begin at 1:15 AM.Hope this helps.



  2005.06.27  22.22
Kurosawa Movie Posters

What are your favorites?

My favorite is one of the posters for Sanjuro. Everything's so cool about that one.

I haven't found too many others that I like actually. And, I've in fact found some that I really think look silly. Like, the one for Seven Samurai

I also really like the cover of the criterion dvd of Stray Dog. I think its way better looking than the original Stray Dog posters, and I so wish they had made it into a poster.

And of course, where would be the best place to buy them?


  2005.05.17  21.43
Trailers online

Does anyone know any place that hosts theatrical trailers for Kurosawa films online?


  2005.05.16  03.59
Need your help with this symbol

I apologize if this is an off top.
I really need an opinion of native Japanese speakers.

We are designing a logo for a Ukrainian company that does business in distribution of mobile and cellular phones.

One of the better sketches has a somewhat Japanese style to it.
Could you please let us know, if it looks like one of the existing hieroglyphs, and if it does, what does it mean.

The image is here.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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