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Intro post

Hi! I just joined this community and thought I could write a line to greet other members and share my appreciation for Akira Kurosawa. I only watched three of his movies so far, Akahige (Redbeard), Ran and Shichinin no Samurai (The Seven Samurai) but I hope to have a chance to see more. In particular I would like some help in choosing my fourth.

I couldn't pick a favourite if asked to, as I regard all of them as masterpieces. However I'm particularly fond of Ran as it was the very first movie on Medieval Japan I ever watched. I was also somehow fascinated by how it would made me recall classical tragedies and King Lear. Someway these analogies helped me to be introduced to a different cultural reality such as the Japanese.
I'm also very fond of The Seven Samurai - the genuine humor of the characters that made me love them and the realism of the movie that helped me understand a world so culturally different. We recently got it in DVD too.

Is there a movie of his you would expecially recommend? Do you have any favourites?

Thanks for creating this community!
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