seejaye (seejaye) wrote in akira_kurosawa,

Happy (non) Ran release day!

Well, IIRC, today was to have been the date that Criterion released the DVD for Ran, so we could all finally see a DVD release that does the film justice. But the website now simply displays the nebulous "Coming Soon" message. Now I don't begrudge Criterion spending the extra time and effort to put out a quality release; that's what that company has always been about. But I'm getting antsy.

Anyone have a scoop on when this will be available?
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Deleted comment

Thank you! I hope that criterion lives up to that release date.
What's the difference between this disc and the Master Work edition that came out a year ago? Anyone know?
On, if you go a page of reviews for Ran (any of the three releases), you'll see thoughtful critiques that articulate, in both technical and aesthetic terms, the flaws in Wellspring's transfer. But Wellspring's may be perfectly good for you and others; it was certainly a HUGE improvement over Fox-Lorber's.
thanks for the info I'll check it out.