k40r1 (k40r1) wrote in akira_kurosawa,

wow lots of comments last time--cool!! :D

i'm supposed to be doing a paper on kurosawa, but i hate papers--it'll prolly be crap doo....
anyways---i got the translation of his "something like an autobiography." he doesn't seem to talk about films much, but it's a fun read. he seems to be (have been; may he rest in peace) a quirky guy la. w00t!!

i read something claiming to point out symbolism in the use of lighting in rashomon (like good and evil, etc.), and in the colors of ran (the different sons). i wonder how much of this is really just artistic expression; what good is symbolism when the creator is the only one that gets it? so the sons wear different colors; that's great, but is there some cultural or other significance to this?
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