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Anyone seen the new Criterion "Seven Samurai" yet?

I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm DROOLING over the images posted in this review

A couple samples:

Here's a shot from the old Criterion release:

I remember seeing this and thinking: 1) What visual poetry - that mythical village nestled in the valley, and 2) It's hard to get over those scratches, blemishes and overall icy coldness of digital restoration. Ah well - it's the best they can do, I suppose.

Now look at the image from the new release:

Tears of joy. It's pristine again! There's the expressive black-and-white warmth that was compromised so much in other releases.

This great masterpiece has finally been given the treatment it deserves.
It's like Christmas has come three months early for me!
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I always thought the original Criterion of Seven Samurai was pretty lacking, so I'm glad to see they made this revision.
Yeah, I remember thinking that it was the best they could do around Spine #2 time, and told a friend "They should reissue it." She answered "But then people will think they're just making another grab for people's wallets."

But Criterion is an exception to the rule. They reissue because of genuinely being able to improve on the product. They're an outfit that's earned the stellar reputation they've garnered.
I completely agree. Everytime a new Criterion is released for a movie I like I'm pretty much weak at the knees. I mean, they can take works as disparate as A Woman is a Woman to Cronenberg's Videodrome and make amazing, original products.
I got mine in the mail today. It's freaking awesome.
i knew i was holding off on buying that one for a good reason!!!!
You pretty much summed it up seejaye. I can't wait to order this myself.

Nice to know there is an active community of people who appreciate cinematic masterpieces.